Breathing Life

In February 2006, the Open & Affirming Ministry Team of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) held a three day conference/retreat to support, sustain, and equip our O&A congregations within the denomination. The theme of the event was "Breathing Life" based upon Ezekiel's vision of the dry bones rising up to new life. The themes for the three respective days of the conference were "Unite - Empower - Create". As a member of the O&A Team, I composed the event theme song, a praise hymn, based upon this theme.

If you would like the music and chords, please contact me.

Breathing Life
Ezekiel 37:1-14
Words and Music by Rachel Frey

Come from the winds and breathe upon us
That we may live, your breath* within us.
Come, breathing life.
Repeat - *life

1.         Uniting Spirit, rush to this place.           
            Join us together in Love’s embrace.
            Stir us to rise, and let us rise as one,
            That we may continue the good work that you’ve begun.
            Uniting Spirit, breathing life.

Refrain - * love

2.         Empowering Spirit, blow in our midst.
            Breathe in us courage – to touch, to bless.
            Ignite our hearts with your refining flame.
            Inspire us to welcome all of your children in your name.
            Empowering Spirit, breathing life.

Refrain - * fire

3.         Creating Spirit, flow through our lives.
            Justice is dawning; open our eyes.
w is the world to which you’re giving birth,
            And help us to help you build up your kingdom here on earth.
            Creating Spirit, breathing life.

Refrain - * voice, truth (joy, light, power, etc)

Refrain 2:  Uniting, Empowering, Creating Spirit, breathing life.  Repeat

Copyright © 2005 by Rachel Frey.  All rights reserved.

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