The Prodigals' Song

I was to be working on a sermon on Luke 15 for the Friday chapel service at the long-term care facility where I serve as a chaplain.  At the time of this posting the sermon remains unwritten, but this hymn found it's way through my soul.

This hymn is unlikely to be sung at our Friday service, so if you wish to use it, please let me know and I will credit your congregation with "premiering" this hymn.  As always, if using one of my hymns, please include the copyright information as outlined in the sidebar.

The Prodigals' Song
Luke 15:11-32, Lent 4C

When we are lost and far from home,
Our friends are gone, we’re left alone,
Oh, how we long for kinder days
When life was filled with trust and praise.

When first we strode away from home,
We thought the world was ours to own.
But since, we've wandered, without aim.
Our pride cut down, we dwell in shame.

How long it’s been since we left home.
Now all we know is how to roam.
We yearn to find a steady place.
We miss the warmth of Love’s embrace.

We must now turn and head for home
To where we’re cherished, where we’re known.
Lift up our selves, rise from the swine,
And leave this wretched place behind.

Love bounds to us as we limp home.
Our hearts can rest. We are Love’s own.
Love celebrates with great resound
For we were lost, and now we’re found.

Copyright © 2013 by Rachel Frey. All rights reserved.

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