Song of Thomas

In the spring of 2006, I left the security of a settled ministry position in the Indianapolis suburbs and embarked on a journey to plant a new church in downtown Chicago.  During the time of transition, I went on a retreat in Florida, and just before starting the retreat, I was honored to fill the pulpit at United Church of Christ Congregational and Disciples in New Smyrna Beach the Sunday after Easter for my dear friend and colleague, Rev. Sarah Lund.  The text for that week was that of "doubting" Thomas, whom I am convinced gets a bad rap throughout history.
Thomas' questioning, his desire for proof, didn't hinder his faith.  Instead, his reaching out a hand in the dark meant he was able to touch another's pain and to believe.
In writing my sermon, I felt inspired to write this song - partly about Thomas, but mostly about me.

Song of Thomas
John 20:19-31, Easter 2C
Words and Music by Rachel Frey

It’s a scary place
This place here without you.
It’s a scary place
   We long to lock our doors
   We know what this world can do
   It’s a scary place
Chorus 1
     And I will not believe
     Until I touch your wounds
     And I will not follow
     Unless I see you’ve been there, too
It’s a scary way
The way to follow you
It’s a scary way
   But we cannot stay inside
   The world needs to hear good news.
   But it’s a scary way
Chorus 1
It’s a scary life
This life you’ve called us to
It’s a scary life
   But we can step out in faith
   ‘Cause your word of peace is true
   What a blessed life
Chorus 2
     My Lord and My God
     I believe.  I touched your wounds
     And now I can follow
     Because I know I walk with you.

Copyright © 2006 by Rachel Frey.  All rights reserved.

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